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    Oct 5, 2018
    outdoorcampingpro.com belongs to Ningbo Outdoor Technology Co.,Ltd.,which share with others about latest outdoor camping products.
  • Silicone Trekking Pole--One Type New Material Trekking Pole

    Aug 3, 2015
    SILICONE TREKKING POLE--ONE TYPE NEW MATERIAL TREKKING POLE WHATS SILICONE Siliconesarepolymersthat include any inert, synthetic compound made up of repeating units ofsiloxane, which is a functional group of twosiliconatoms and oneoxygenatom frequently combined withcarbonand/ orhydrogen. They are typically heat-resistant andrubber-like, and a…



Ningbo Pinyi Outdoor Technology Co.,Ltd. focus on outdoor gears,our main products are trekking poles,camping tents,flashlight,water containers,etc.

We located at Ningbo city of China,which have one international team,who done it with full passion.We'd like to share with whom in outdoor line all over the world.

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